I’m a big fan of keeping things simple and minimalistic. Even with the tools I use. So here is a full list of the few tools I use and feel confident in recommending.


Writing books

Let’s start with books. I use an easy and simple tool called Scrivener. It covers all my needs from writing notes to a full book, arranging chapters, make a .epub and to make the paper submission. It’s the only tool I’ve found to do all that with a fair price tag. Both for PC and Mac. It’s made by authors for authors.


Writing blog posts

I write all my blog posts in the WordPress interface. I’m not using any other writing software for this purpose of writing. Before publishing, all my writings go through the Hemingway Editor. Just to ensure the text is easy to digest.

I also use Grammarly as a plugin to my browser to correct spelling mistakes.

Too often I get some of my ideas when I’m not at my desk. Usually when I’m out walking. If I don’t write them down, I’m in big trouble because I always forget them. So I use Wunderlist for writing them fast. It syncs to my computer so I can just take the idea and do something with it when I’m back at my desk.



I’m writing on a MacBook Air 13″. Perfect for me when I’m on the go. When I sit at my desk I connect it to a 1080p screen from BenQ. I also have an Apple keyboard and the Mx518 mouse from Logitech – my favorite!

I use a Huawei Honor 8 smartphone.

I’ll get back with more details on my recording and video equipment when my YouTube channel is up and running.


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