I’ll try to just give you a brief description of how this website works behind the curtains for those of you who are interested.


The website

I hired my friends over at The Generation Web Agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their goal is to be the best web agency in Sweden and I think they’ll succeed. Huge thanks to Robert, Sten, Martin and Gustav for putting this site together.

They also take care of the security, hosting through Fouredge and handle the encrypted communications to and from this site you in order to make this site safer.

This site uses a custom design with Elegant Themes built with the Divi builder.

Analytics is provided by Google Analytics.

Comments on this site use Disqus.


Email Service Provider

I use MailChimp as my ESP.


Social Media Management

I just use my smartphone to do the posting. Nothing else.


Affiliate Service Providers

This blog uses affiliate links (read more about it here). I use it because it helps generate some extra revenue to help cover some expenses for running this website and my business around it. I only use affiliate links to recommend products and services I use myself and of course my books. Here are some networks I’ve joined.



I think that was about it. I’ll take questions in the comment fields below!