Under Investigation

How do we know that all undergoing investigations actually pays of?

Who has come up with an investigation about all expenses paid of all investigations in the past – was it worth it?

Where do they store all the reports, perhaps there is a secret vault beneath the surface of the world.. So many questions.

“BOOM” – all of a sudden, something happens.

It’s good that we don’t act irrationally right away.

But the thing is this, things almost never happen for the first time. Most things have happened before at another place and in another time.

Do we really need all these investigations or do we need to take some action on previous reports?

I think we do.

The time is now.

And it has been “now” for a very long time.

A bit to long for my taste, heck I’m only almost 27 and this is what we got?


You must do something

Being who you are, doing what you do, and thinking in the ways you think..

Why limit yourself by putting on a filter just to fit in?

Our addiction to filters has gone out of hand.

Let’s stop this ultimate wickedness.

It’s time to be yourself.

The best version of yourself.

234 posts

It’s been silent here for a while.

It’s because I’m back to writing new books and I’m short of time.

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See you soon.

What’s left to pick up

Trials in life occur when we least expect it.

They never ask for permission nor does it care if you’re busy.

But they do often come with an almost certain opportunity.

An opportunity to learn something.

The lessons are bargains.

It’s all yours to pick up if you want to.


Taking some time off.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Between posts

We’ve been out trying to find and catch a lost dog today.

Didn’t had the time to go online and write until now.

Usually, I can go around during the days to come up with different thoughts for a post, but not today.

Today I’ve been focusing on following the right tracks in the snow.

I’ll write more tomorrow.

No one is limitless

Stress is good up to a certain point because of our performance increases.

But to much stress can cause severe pain and have us paralyzed.

There is no clear line between the two areas of the stress curve.

You just have to feel for yourself when too much is too much.

Learn and repeat

You learn how to drive once.

You take the test once.

And you write the exam once.

And you drive for the rest of your life.

Would you pass if you were to do it again today?


How about your other skills that you learned long ago?

What you already know

Telling yourself what you want to hear is good.

But telling yourself what you need to hear, even though it sucks, is even better.

The best alternative is all of the above and to take action and sticking to it.

You know this already – but we all need to hear it again.