Idea stolen?

A lot of us are afraid of someone else stealing our ideas.

Ideas are being stolen all the time – it is natural for ideas to spread.

You just have to deal with this.

And it’s actually no problem at all.

Because few people, close to no one, can steal your work effort, your persistence to keep going and your determination to finish.

When someone steals from you, just enjoy and keep going.

It’s all you can do.

Stop driving the plow

Everyone knows that simplicity works better for an organization.

Yet, managers still insist on increased reporting, coordination, control and centralization.

In a world where data is king, the obvious backlash is when actual man-hours need to be invested in order to acquire it. Then it’s not king anymore.

So you’ll need to invest in systems that do the work for people, not the other way around.

The only problems are in which systems? And who is going to set it up and adjust it for your business? How do you know that money and time will be saved?

Here’s the answer: Most of you don’t know.

But, most of you doesn’t have to be first with the newest features. You could let someone else do the hard business cases because it’s easier to catch up on a plowed road rather than driving the plow yourself.

It turns out that the world of systems in business has gone complex in order to get more simple.


No written words today.

I’m shocked but not surprised, about yesterday’s attack in my home city.

My thoughts are with those who didn’t make it home and their loved ones.

On elbows

Nobody wins when only one person grows.

Because when you push people out of your way just to get ahead, and you do get ahead, all you’ve got left to lead is the people that have been pushed away.

So you move to another organization. Stealing the position from someone else that pushed their way up.

The same thing happens again. The only thing that’s different now is that the sign down in the lobby is new.

We’ve gotten into a culture that rewards those with their elbows out.

It’s not like I don’t think it’s good to compete. By all means, go for it!

I’ve just noticed that the worst people use more of their elbows – because that’s the only thing that they know.

We see it in business, politics and on the international day of stupidity (Black Friday).

So it turns out that you and I don’t have to be like this.

We can only work on ourselves if we want to change this culture so that’s what we should do.

Bring more people to the front seats. Trade more value for value. Do more good.

Lead more by this example, not because you’ve got sharp elbows.

Because you won’t need them.

Ask yourself

Why do you do what you do?

What got you to this position?

Who chose it?

When did the tide turn?

Where do you want to be?

Would you do it all over again?

Asking questions like these is healthy. They help you stay on track and let you know if you’ve drifted too far.

They help you stay on track and let you know if you’ve drifted too far.

No one is walking straight as a laser beam.

You’ve got to use what tools you have.

The right questions are probably the best.

You are safe

The world is actually quite safe.

Times has never been better.

Don’t bother with having the traditional media have you think otherwise, they just need to keep serving you crap news in order to stay in business.


The obvious

What if we could just drop everything, sell our possessions and fly to a random place to start all over?

Tempting for young people who’re still exploring and trying to find a place in the world for themselves. Also, a lot easier for them because they have fewer possessions and obligations. But is it smart?


It’s foolish for those who have a plan, how been on the path for a while, but have become weak in their state of mind because of a dip.

If quick gains become easier, and if it’s less painful to distance yourself from previous long-term commitments, where will we end up?

A starting over, and over, and over, and over.. society is just as bad as it sounds. So it is bad for people as well.

The old ideas of success aren’t changing.

And for that I’m thankful.

Here’s what to believe in:

You pick one thing to do.

Pick a place to do it at.

Find someone to do it with.



(And stay away from short-term temptations and obvious stupidity and you’ll be fine)


Great work is scary

It’s so much easier to apply for another course or buy a new book and hide from great work of art you intend to do.

Maybe that’s why so many of us procrastinate.

Including me.

Still surprised?

Knowing what others want, think and craves is a tough one.

If you can’t ask them, all you can do is guess – using the past or your own preferences.

It turns out that no matter how good we think we know someone, a partner or even a client, they’ll continue to surprise us for a lifetime.

Don’t be surprised about being surprised.

Be prepared and flexible.

It’s an art of itself.

A common wish

A common wish among people is to change yesterday in order to have a better life today.

Today, we wish we had started to exercise one year ago.

Today, we wish we had done more cold calls yesterday.

Today, we regret drinking alcohol yesterday.

Today, we wish we had started to save 500 € every month ten years ago.

Today, we wish we had written 100 words every day for the last year.

Today, we regret that we didn’t care more about our family.

Today, we regret the chances we didn’t take.

Today, we wish we could relive moments we screwed up.

Today is the only day we have to make things right for tomorrow.

That’s the good news but it’s also the bad news.

What would it take for you to do today what you know you should have done yesterday?