Music on Stream


Listen to my RP-music on Spotify. 

More recently, I use:  



Specific Flight Sim Sounds

Sometimes I play terminal sound from inchadney. It was recorded at Heathrow in London. Check out his page on Freesound here for more sounds.

The sound of applause comes from "akx" on Freesound. Click here.



Superb Emotes

Most emotes is hand crafted by @jbearmountain. Check out her artwork at Instagram


Textemotes except GANG GANG is made by Makkuusen.

GANG GANG Emote is made by @savvooo


Bot Code

Makkuusen has coded the StreamElements bot commands. 


flygbot for custom commands is coded by Vezel. Check out his LinkedIn!



Merchandise Design

@Flizzo has made the "SVÅRT SNYGG" print. 



Overlays on Twitch 

Made by vladamm, found on 



Thank You

I want to take the opportunity to also give a thank you to all fellow players at FBRP who are involved in creating awesome characters and scenarios. Also a big thank you to @Staff who keeps the server in shape. Thank you!

Many of my fellow players also stream and I want to take the opportunity to extend a special thank you to a few of them; 


@GarrawayTV for his shoutouts and hosts during the early days of my RP-journey. Thank you so much ⭐


@nadmyre for her countless hosts, raids, shoutouts and for being such an avid user of the Svårt Snygg Kopp. Thank you for being such a great friend ❤️


I would also like to extend a big thank you to my nice moderators who are devoted to the chat and swing the sword. Present, future and past. You are all amazing and without you this would not work. Thank you!



Do you belong on this page?

For me, it is important to show my appreciation to everyone who helped me along the way. People like you on this page have put in the time, commitment and I want with this text to give my sincere thanks to all of you.

If you feel that you have contributed to me in any way, made an emote or that I have used something you have produced in my stream or on my website - get in touch so I can keep this up-to-date:

E-mail: info @ (subject line "Credits" for faster answers)