Customer Info & Contact

- How do I read my e-book?

  • Download the book to your selected device. 
  • Get an app that can read .epub if you do not already have one. My recommendation is Bluefire Reader as it is supported on almost all platforms.
  • Open the e-book with the program. Now you should be able to read!


For Kindle

  • The easiest way is to buy my books on Amazon as these are converted to .mobi from the start. If you want to buy them here anyway (appreciated, thank you!) Then you may need to convert from .epub to .mobi.
  • Download the Caliber program.
  • Convert from .epub to .mobi by following the instructions.
  • Email and attach your .mobi converted file to unique Kindle address (found on your Amazon customer profile.
  • After a few minutes, the book should appear on your Kindle. Now you should be able to read!


- How do I play my audiobook?

For iOS:

  • Apple does not always support the ability to save files locally on smartphones / iPads. You may need to save the book on Dropbox. If this does not work for you, you may need to download the book to a computer and transfer it to your device using a USB cable and Apple software.
  • Once you have successfully saved the file to your device, you can play the mp3 files with the device's media player!


For others:

  • Download the book to your device.
  • Get a program that can play mp3 files. Most smartphones or tablets include one. For PC, I recommend VLC.
  • Play the audio files with the program!


- Where do I buy regular printed books?

The easiest way to buy my printed books is on the web at Adlibris, Bokus or Amazon.

Only digital books are sold on this website, with the exception of some limited signed copies. If you have a local bookseller in your city (in Sweden), you can also ask them to order my books for you as they are all searchable "books' ecosystems" BokInfo.



- I want to refund / complain about my purchase, how do I do it?

  • See Refund Policy for instructions. Please note that due to limited staff in our office - we can't provide a fast response if these instructions aren't met.  
  • We do not refund printed "Print on Demand" products nor digital products. 



- What do I do in the event of a shipping damage?

Always check your delivery when picking up or receiving. If the goods appear to be damaged due to defective carton, always unpack and check the item immediately. In the event of a transport-damaged product (physical damage to the product), the customer must immediately contact the logistics partner (in Sweden PostNord 020-232221) and complain about the goods. Then contact us at and state the order number and the forwarder's complaint number.

Remember that the product must not be moved from the place where you first discovered the damage, ie. the place where collection or reception took place. Document immediately with photos etc.

See our Shipping Policy for more information. If these steps aren't met - we can't promise any help. 



- I need other support, can I get help?

All digital content sold on this website has undergone tests and quality checks to ensure that audio files / e-books can be read on all platforms without remark.

Unfortunately, we can not assist with help and troubleshooting if you do not get it to work on your hardware.



- Which Terms of Sale apply?




- Which Terms of Use apply?




- Which company is behind the website?

Albert & Partners AB 

Swedish Organization Number: 556932-9070 

Registrerat för F-Skatt (Pays taxes in Sweden)

VAT number: SE556932907001



- How is the shipping calculated?

Shipping is based on something called (European) Flat Rate. As our supplier of manufacturing and distribution of products has more or less fixed shipping prices, we apply these straight away without profit.

When you buy products of different varieties, for example a garment and a cup on the same order, it is not certain that these are manufactured and sent from the same place. As a result, there may be two shipments and your shipping cost may increase, in the example above about 50 + 50 = SEK 100.



- I still need help.. 🙄

E-mail us at: 🥰 

In first contact with us, state order, your customer information and your questions.

Make sure you've also read and understand our policys and terms. 


Suggested subject lines for quicker response:

- Refund Order #XXXX

- About: ... Order #XXXX

- Product ... ?


Our goal is to respond to your request within 48 hours. Alas, with so much email and due to the limited staff in our corporate office - we're sometimes unable to provide a quick response.