This FAQ is meant to be a kind of network that captures most of the questions that anyone has ever wondered about Simon and his products.

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Everything you ever need to know as a customer

- How do I read my e-book?

- How do I play my audiobook?

- Where do I buy printed books?

- I want to regret / complain about my purchase, how do I do it?

- What do I do in the event of a freight / transport damage?

- I need other support, can I get help?

- Which Terms of Sale apply?

- Which Terms of Use apply?

- Which company is behind the website?

- How is the shipping price calculated?



About Twitch & Gaming

- Why is Simon playing?

- Where can I see Simon play computer games?

- What rules apply to his channels?

- How do I join Simon's Discord?

- What hardware does Simon use?

- How can Simon's microphone sound so good?

- What games does Simon have?

- What P3D supplements does Simon have?

- What P3D settings does Simon run on?

- What X-Plane 11 extensions does Simon have?

- What X-Plane 11 settings does Simon run on?

- How should I behave when I fly with Simon?

- How should I behave when I drive ETS2 with Simon?



All types of contact

- How do I contact Simon?

- I have product questions.

- I have questions regarding my order.



About simonlofgren.com

- How does Simon use Shopify?

- What other services are used?

- What data and information does the website collect?

- Who is responsible for personal data?

- Who owns the website?

- How do I know that it really is Simon who is behind the website?