This is a brave attempt to try to describe how I set up my sound around the microphone so that it sounds good when I speak in-game, over Discord or out on the stream.


You follow this guide at your own risk. If you choose to buy this stuff, it is not on my recommendation - I only tell you what I use and what has worked for me. I offer no support or help with this setup beyond what is written on this page.



  • Microphone: SHURE SM7B 
  • Preamp: dbx 286s 
  • Sound Cart: Zoom U-24 



Because the question constantly arises: No. I do not use separate software aka fucking banana software to put filters around my sound. All sound is processed in the hardware, which provides great advantages in quality. All filters degrade the sound slightly.

So what's the secret?

There are two pieces to this. One is in the microphone. The other is in the preamp.


The Microphone: Shure SM7B

This microphone is a dynamic studio microphone designed for voice broadcast. It does a good job of hiding a bad recording environment that lacks acoustic elements (often common in gamers' homes), while at the same time it can handle a large sound pressure such as screaming in it. A bit of a curiosity about the microphone is that it has been used to record Michael Jackson's "Thriller", among other things. Now, however, it has to make do with, among other things, SimonLofgren's stream. Good development there right there bud.


Preamp: dbx 286s 

This is a Mic Preamp Processor that delivers studio quality on the processed sound while amplifying the low signal from the SM7B. It has:


  • Compressor. Raises low noise. Lowers loud noise. (Allows you to shout everything you have without it crackling or distracting, and you can whisper and it sounds good).
  • De-esser: evens out fricatives and sibilants ("ffffff" & "sssss" sounds).
  • Expander Gate: Opens and closes the sound at the correct frequency. Ie may not record when the washing machine hums, but when you speak the sound comes through.
  • Enhancer: Increases detail and definition of low and high frequencies (gives you that nice radio crisp or pure sound).
  • Output Gain: Provides the right gain so that you do not have to maximize all sound in Windows.


FAQ: do I need a CloudLifter in addition to this preamp?

ANSWER: No. dbx 286s replaces CloudLifter and gives me enough gain.


How is everything connected?


How did I set everything up?

You can play this yourself. I tinker and adjust a bit all the time. YouTube is your friend if you need a guide. However, I am sure that the hardware is suitable for most people who want great sound in their stream or when talking in game etc.

P.S. Choose the expensive cables for the highest quality even there. Do not be a s * sse.

Good luck!